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User ID: #1524
Username: Type_Null
Gender: Dog
Last Online: 21 Dec 2020, 6:17 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:09 pm

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    • Hey, so did you need help getting a Frosted Lightbulb? I'm planting a few now, and can give you the extras if it works out well! As thanks for getting staff to even out the chances of getting a feather ;w;

    • Aaaa sorry : / I just committed to trading with someone else

    • Look at the news change log. It looks like you got through. Now every weapon gives a feather and pets have a 10% change to give a feather. Also, if you've already left offerings, you can look at the serpent's log to get feathers for offerings you already gave.

    • I get it. It's one of those "I'd rather go down in flames than not go down at all" situations. I wish you luck in getting through to the staff. I really do. Hopefully you guys will make a dent without getting banned like someone else did!

    • aww thank you :3!

    • Hi again! Haven't heard from you in a bit so I'm just popping by to see if you've had any luck getting your tablet to behave better? o:

    • ah thanks sorry it was confusing me

    • I'm glad you like em! I don't have any other places with bios, though, sorry! the bios etc on here are mostly because I was bored

    • Oh no, I'm sorry your tablet is being weird. D: I hope you can figure out what's up with it soon. Please don't worry about the delay!

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