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~*Ghosti ~ He/She/They ~ Taurus ~ Pan ~ Hufflepuff ~ Artist/Writer/Future Fursuit Maker and Costume Designer ~ Fandom Trash, Resident Happy Flappy and Introverted as HEC-*~

~*Now dating this lovely nerd, go check them out sometime! :D*~
...You know you love me, hun. I embarrass you outta love. >;3

~*I'll be revamping my art thread once I'm out of school, so look out for that! I also have a Furry Amino account under the same username, so feel free to follow that too! :3*~

>!< Any comments towards my characters will be responded to in character! If ya just wanna talk, message or ping me, please and thank you! :D >!<

~*You look down at the tattered scrap of paper in your hands, a foreboding feeling creeping up your back. You whip your head around, a thick fog rolling in as gnarled, bare trees loomed over you. Yep. You were lost. And on the outskirts of Dragonsmaw, no less. You sighed, frustrated as you crumpled the paper into a ball in chucked it into the fog. Not long after that, a small swarm of black bats fluttered off in the distance. Crossing your arms, you continued on your way, hoping what was left of the road would be enough to, at the very least, lead you back to the Manor, considering how well that 'map' worked for you. Even then, you're pretty sure the guy that scribbled it down at the tavern was hopped up on something...
After a bit of walking, you noticed the fog getting thicker and thicker. Panic slowly grew as your walking turned to running. Not even the full moon seemed to cut through the haze, and soon you weren't even able to see within an inch of your face. Eventually, though, the fog started to clear and you found yourself faced with an eerie, maybe abandoned, most likely haunted mansion...but not before, of course, you slammed face first into one of the supporting beams of the porch deck. After gaining your bearings...and watching cautiously as the porch swayed side to side...you slowly stepped up to the door, looking around for any signs of life inside, besides the occasional spider or bat. You suddenly hear a series of howls fairly close by. Instinct would say you probably want to be inside, especially at this hour of night and DEFINITLY when there's potential people...or things...close by that want a quick late night snack. At the same time, you should know better than to walk into creepy houses shrouded in fog...especially when you're probably not the only one in said house. Your gut finally says that they don't want to be dinner tonight, and you quickly rush into the house, closing the door with a rather loud *SLAM!*
You wince at the slam, taking a deep breath, and looking around to a large foie, dimly lit by a dusty crystal chandelier and broken floorboards hiding beneath oddly well kept crimson rugs. You look around, a few different things catching your senses all at once: The light of a TV flashing in the living room...the sound of splashing water out in the backyard...the voice of someone chanting in a foreign language in one of the bedrooms...the soft thunks of small footsteps in the attic...the clattering of pots and pans from the kitchen, as well as the aroma of...chili? Even the howling and growling from outside seemed to be getting closer...This seemed all too much to take in. You shake your head, wondering...what should you check out first?*~

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