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User ID: #129583
Username: Timer-wolf
Gender: Agender
Last Online: 13 Aug 2022, 10:12 pm
Registered: 31 Mar 2019, 2:39 pm

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Villagers 13

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    • omg you're welcome! i had no idea they were so rare/expensive lmao

    • Hi timerwolf i am new to this game how do i friend you

    • If you need any pixpets feel free to ask. I also have a guide to all the pixpets egg instant sell values as well as how to use the pixpets auction to profit 1 - 5 PC per egg depending on egg value. I pretty much just hoard pixcoins on the site through all the pixpets egg auctions profits and through pumpkin product sales.

    • There are a few others on here that are also on here but don't think they are active anymore on pixpets even with the addition of the adventure mode and vivid pixpets.

      I'm looking forward to using it!!! <3

    • Thank you for the potion! I needed to turn one of my villagers back into a fallow deer, so it was really helpful.

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