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User ID: #13941
Username: Vixxen
Gender: Demigirl
Last Online: 25 Jul 2019, 4:42 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 8:14 pm

Profile description

21 -poly - omniEVERYTHING - married


Bat, Bear, Crocodile, Dragon, Dutch AD, Fox, Gryphon, Hyena, Lizard, Manokit, Moth, Owl, Rabbit, Raptor, Shifty, Skunk, Snake, Species, Wickerbeast, && Wolf Morphing Potions

Angelic, Beast, Galaxy, Fairy, Fluffy, Mythic, Sorcerer, Spooky, && Reaper Costumes

Floofy Fur, Frozen Orb, Mythic Fang, Reaper Scythe, Seraph Wings, Tail Mouth, && Were Tail Blueprints

Construction (Repairs per Point):
Houses: 15 fc / 3 fd
Stables: 10 fc / 2 fd
Pots: 5 fc / 1 fd

Villagers 13

Comments 7

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    • i want aquatic and beast costumes...

    • Thanks for buying my morphing potion! If you're interested in any other QP potions (snake, ferret, dragon, big cat, and breeding) let me know, I'll cut you a deal! Thanks again!~

    • //pets
      daddy loves all his children

    • YOU'RE COOL!

    • hey there! thank you for purchasing some of my Angelic Fluff, if you ever need more, feel free to contact me!

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