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User ID: #13944
Username: Goomie
Gender: Male
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 8:14 pm

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Leo | 24 | He / Him
Biggus dorkus.
Collecting Toybox Plushies!
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    • I am sorry to see you go..take care of yourself

    • goomie, goomie? goomie (translation: it me, galaxy man, i speak the ancient language of the goomie, you are cool, am i correct?)

    • yee, I forgot that you couldn't sell them. So I closed the thread

    • Thanks! (Guessing it was you)

    • Thanks! I'll put it up in the next raffle!

    • no problem! yess he turned out perfectly x3 awe thank youu i do like it tbh, it just announces my trashiness now loool its true though the handles are super unique. i love your profile btw, pokemon is definitely a bigger interest for me now and the whole goodra line is so cuuuute

    • oh hi! its probably for my quest scrambling LOL awe thank youuuu i love them too ;w; i love adore the heck out of your frankie hes so cute!!! (also oh no ive been spotted... i made this account 4 years ago and cant be bothered to change the name LMAO)

    • Yes, I am, I'm sorry >_< Still trying to do that. I was waiting so I could set one of my workers at active, so I can unlearn recipes, and then abandon him, so uh yeah.... I've got to wait 24 hours now. Thanks for checking up though!

    • So uh I need to open up a villager slot so I'm just gonna let her sit in the transfer for maybe a day or so, just letting you know.

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