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User ID: #158
Username: Softpurr
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:01 pm

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Hi, I'm Softpurr, a professional crazy cat lady and founder of Felidae.

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    • I just needed to tell you that I adore your kitty banner. o3o

    • oohhh, haha, ideally within the next week or so, basically when i get motivation back XD
      my anxiety has been up the wall lately, i've just got into making an adoptable shop and i'm hoping people will be interested in that ouo;; but yeah! I'm switching back and forth between shops haha!

    • aww thank you!! ;u; I was just havin a look at your pet shop, im still waiting on my flitten pair to be able to breed xD

      they're such cute babus ;_;
      also btw! can I ask a silly question?
      whats the breeding counter for, like? i've always seen it as unlimited o:

    • <333 Your shop is amazing :D I love everything about your page ;u;

    • Your kitty banner/signature is so cuute!

    • omg your villagers really stay true to your name ehehe

    • Ahhh I love your profile page this is great!!

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