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User ID: #50699
Username: gerbilfat
Last Online: 16 Aug 2017, 3:51 pm
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 8:25 am

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Go check out Felidae, a good guild for good posters!

Nothing personal if I don't accept your friend request - sorry! Trying to keep my friend list down to people I actually know.

You guys may recognize me from a few different places:


All of my painties so far are done by me~ Thank you for your kind comments! * w *

I've also drawn these painties:
16575-th.png? 16519-th.png? 17258-th.png 17865-th.png 18706-th.png?t=1471991157 20312-th.png 21911-th.png?t=1477089385 21968-th.png 22880-th.png

Commission Info:
Cost is dependent on what you want (recolor, edit, or entirely new drawing) and how complicated the character is. Basically it comes down to how much time it'll take. I don't have prices set in stone right now, so PM me with some info and I'll try to get an estimate back to you. I'm still not 100% set on prices other than a preference for USD.

You will receive an unmarked, full-size flattened version of your art + the resized paintie version. Paintie commissions are for personal use only, not for resale or commercial use.

Current Queue:

Ping List:
niles FiniteFeline Malis Starfoxxe tuesday Geek @Mephisto Valice @1fuun Laz Acrilli

Commission Disclaimer:
Due to the human nature of paintie approval, I cannot guarantee that a paintie done on a specific FV base will be accepted. I will make my best effort to follow the requirements and will do some light editing if necessary to bring a wayward paintie in line. This will not include repainting or redoing large sections.

tl;dr I do my best but you may have to upload as a Shifty if the mods don't like it.

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    • Would you ever take commissions in exchange for super rare items ;w;?

    • Aaaah your current avatar is so cute.

    • AAA thank you!! <3 And I have 2 more pending too ;)
      Your painties are the real OG painties though!! So beautiful ;A; <3

    • Your art is to die for! Could I pretty please be added to your pinglist~! <3

  • Comment has been hidden

    • Could I please be added to your ping list when you're open for Paintie commissions?

    • Oh my gosh your avatar is really cute too! Especially next to that comment, haha~

    • You're very welcome.

    • Gerbil my dear <3 Please add me to your commission ping list when you get the chance! <3

    • Aaah your art is so pretty, please add me to your commission pinglist! 0.0

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