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Username: Softpurr
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:01 pm

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Hi, I'm Softpurr, a professional crazy cat lady and founder of Felidae.

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    • ahhh im collecting plush tooo! My first was the magic black dragon, but no one is selling them at the moment so I threw a random price on there until i know HAHA ;u;


    • I saw what you did. Well played.

    • Ahhhhhh! Such beautiful cats!!! I really love Purricles! <3

    • pumpkin_divider_by_phoeberose-d5e0hhl.gi

      the_great_pumpkin_cat_by_vaporotem-d5hlr { Trick or Treat!

    • Girl, how you managed to do a Silver Manti squad ?

    • Thank you for the flitten :)

    • Thank u for the flittten! :D

    • AHhh thank you for the comment on Mel, ahh!

      PS she loves cuddles and pets (especially her tail) tho... she will wave her bell in your face and flap away because she likes to tease people ! :o SHE WOULD LOVE YOUR LOVE, BASICALLY!

    • Your page colors and images are so pleasing!
      Also, I love the variety of paintie styles here ♥

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