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User ID: #651
Username: Chirp
Gender: Unspecified
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:02 pm

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YVSH4HD.gifKorin YVSH4HD.gifKalani YVSH4HD.gifMercutioYVSH4HD.gifTosca

Here's a cool discord chat

Art by Baelfin

Villagers 13

Comments 26

    • My pleasure :3

    • Thanks n_n

    • I liked all your painties, cause I don't have many items atm!

    • You're most welcome! Welcome back to Furvilla~! Hope you enjoy all of the changes that have gone on! Feel free to give us helpers a poke if you need help figuring out anything; we're all more than happy to help =3

    • Ahhh my birdkin friend! OvO I saw your comment on the news post and was delighted to see your villager around again.

    • Alright! n__n Feel free to ping me if you want to!

    • Oh wow! ;0; Do you do commissions or something? n_n

    • Your painties are fantastic!

    • Sorry, last animal I had but I'll have a lot more soon, just be sure to give me the ID, please, and it'll so swimmingly next time!

    • Was just trying to snoop your DA and it says the link doesn't work ^^ somehow you have the furvilla link in front of the page link, just thought you might wanna know! (same with your flight rising link)

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