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Username: artsja
Gender: Female
Last Online: 8 May 2017, 7:51 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 5:07 pm

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Ben/Bird // 21 // Austria // CompSci Student // Hobby Artist

Hi there! My name is ben, I like to draw. I like deer and birds.

Timezone: +7h FV time

Paintie Gallery

I take paintie commissions!
Premades thread

Find me off-site:
tumblr (personal) // tumblr (art) // Deviantart // Steam


Thank you so much to everyone who comments on my villagers and painties! I cannot reply to all of you but you make my day.

- Mozart
- Grete
- Mora
- Viktor
- Gabriel
- come up with designs for Ronin, Marla, Kirsch
- redo Dante, Vismund
- some free bases

Shield animation by Tashamon

Villagers 25

Comments 26

    • omg I remember back in its first Halloween celebration when everyone was going around with a skull for a face. I didn't know it was still alive! The deer dancing tune is the cutest thing I've ever heard :')

      Sure thing, will ping you :D

    • Heya, thanks for your interest! My commissions are currently negotiated on a case by case basis due to time constraints with my job. Currently I only do base redraws; quotes start from £35 for standard painties and £50 for full Shifty customs.

      If you would prefer the cheaper option of premades, or want to be on the lookout for if / when I come up with cheaper paintie styles, I can ping you when I make a board :)

      PS. Love your art! Is that The Endless Forest?

    • your use of color is electric, i love it! so much enery! reminds me of destinyblue!

    • Thank you for making your art exist. It brings me pleasure.

    • *boop* hello ^^

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    • Thank you for your kind comments!! Your painties and art are a big inspiration for me!

    • you are a precious bird - snuggles.

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