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User ID: #17007
Username: KIIBO
Gender: Male
Last Online: 13 May 2021, 6:43 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 11:13 pm

Profile description

keaton ★ 17 ★ he/him ★ 1hr ahead of fv time ★ qp native
not much to say about me, i'm a bit timid but i love games and orca + lion themed things! manokits are absolute angels and my favorite rare species tied with wickers and leodons. feel free to message if you ever wanna talk!
my sleep schedule is very messy, i'm very sorry if i reply late!

- note to mods, synchronously and i transfer to eachother very often! -

- my old username was dianite! huge thanks to Sassibirb for sending the fd i needed for the change! -


current breeding projects
+ 391-demon-manti.png615-gold-lung-dragon.png628-lion-cub.png +

future breeding projects

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    • Love the signature!! ♥

    • Hello best robot

    • HI HELLO I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

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    • Not at all! Consider it a gift of the season (or a late b-day present Kiibo x3)

    • Oops, I misread your post in the seed trading thread and tried to trade QP for QP, sorry about that!

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