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    • Hi, I'm so sorry I didn't see your comment; once school started I hadn't had time to log back in for pets and games, eep. Yes, ages ago I did some work at Mistic :D awesome people there! You have a great memory!

    • Aw thanks! I'm super lazy when it comes to my species though
      I don't keep track because honestly I do it to relax me and have fun
      When people want to pay actual money, that's a bonus! But it's usually just
      For fun! :3

      That sounds harsh btw
      I hate that people block on random grounds; it drives me NUTS :S
      I would suggest asking the mods for help as that's a serious issue imo
      But only if you care enough about it
      But yeah that's a serious bug in the web to be honest

      Yeah! If you ever come back, I'll be here probably
      Eating cupcakes and making pixels as usual :p

    • Yeah, me too, unfortunately, just a panic attack when I'm here, but I have a species and I feel like I'd be bad to those who purchased if I just left, so I feel like I've been tied by a string to stay, its an awful feeling.
      If you ever come back though, feel free to hit me up, I love your designs/ocs and it's great to see them around! Refreshing!

    • thank you very much!! same as alliieennss, i hope you have a better time elsewhere!

    • Thank you very much, and i'm sorry this site made you feel so badly. I hope you have good times elsewhere!!

    • You're welcome! Going through, it was usually just the three of us--I'm not sure if anyone else still plays sadly ;~;

    • Peyelle's the other :)

    • Yay :D Then hopefully I'll see you during one of my pop-ins there too <3 I really need to pop-in more, honestly.

    • Understandable T~T <3 Hopefully I can at least still see you around elsewhere!

    • T~T Thank you. <3 It was always really nice chatting with you!

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