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User ID: #182139
Username: SamErtbnm101
Last Online: 9 Feb 2021, 3:22 pm
Registered: 16 May 2020, 3:17 pm

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Why hello! We're um, soulbonds! We have multiple non-traumagenic soulbonds. The host of it is the genderfluid shayon. Feel free to ask us any questions qwq.

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    • Hi

    • dudes thats fair, thats why we uhh hide our fv

    • The thing is, it that our parents want us to be more "active" and prepared. And We're afraid they'll snoop through our messages on fv.

    • Update
      our break from furvilla is longer than expected, with everything going on, we might be very, very inactive here until christmas break.

    • We added you on disc. were trying it out again.

    • Uhm, hello! ^^

    • --------------update,-----------------------
      Hello there! We're taking a brake from furvilla- its not because of any of you, it because there are some things going on in school rn and we won't be as active here... But you can contact us on discord-: SamErtbnm101
      #2298 The break will only be for a week, sorry for such short notice.

    • Hello!

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