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User ID: #206144
Username: SpencerReid
Gender: I don't know
Last Online: 25 Jan 2022, 7:31 am
Registered: 30 May 2021, 5:38 pm

Profile description

Hi there!~ I'm Paws, just a boring 'ol furry with nothing to do. I like gifting people things randomly! <3 I'm obsessed with hyenas, so feel free to ping me and talk about them! (Hyenas are like so cute aaa)
He/they||Anubis||Demiboy||Trans (FTM)||Bisexual||Heavy RP'er||1 Hour ahead of FurVilla time||Aug. 15||Leo!~||

Anubis, collector of Oceanic Gems.

Changed my username! Was @-_Mercvrry-Cvrry_- !

Things I like-

Hyenas, Bo Burnham, Jack Stauber, Powerpuff Girls, Hamilton, Heathers, West Wing, GORILLAZ!!!, NCIS, Criminal Minds, and a lot more but I'm too lazy to write them all..


3006-flailadon-morphing-potion.png641-paintie-ticket.pngfurdollars.gif 275-coral-slab.png 5980-magic-leo-sticker.png3553-fancy-plant-drink.png591-gembound-morphing-potion.png
I have a tendency to put 'Z's at the end of words that end with an 'S' so please ignore that-- thank you! :D
I'm French- oui oui

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    • Really made a fool out of myself there

    • Wait did I say NCIS? I'm dumb nevermind I can't make the difference between series like that because I don't watch them, my mother watches too many and I can't keep track of who is in what, sorry (also Google is a traitor because when I tried to check it said NCIS)

    • Don't worry I didn't take it badly it just made me realize I should word my signature differently, also the first time I saw your profile with the Spencer background it made me laugh because my mother loves the NCIS series so I recognized him instantly

    • To not answer in the thread, you're half right, I'm constantly clearing my Stall because it's never empty and it actually stresses me out but yeah I do try to keep a minimum amount of FC because I'd like to commission someone one day while often needing to spend FC so I can't deny the hoarding part. Also hi fellow French

    • I don't think I'm mentally seven I just really enjoy murder mystery based things, Phoenix Wright, Danganronpa, many others. but to me DR is better than Phoenix sense phoenix sort of spoils who did it at the start. just need to solve to expose them, while DR you're clueless and really need to think, games like this is just fun.

    • Don't want to talk in thread but yes you are correct xD over-obsessed with danganronpa. but no, I was never into sally face like others, cool game but..better things out there.

    • Hey are you still looking for a fancy plant drink?

    • Here is a fun fact about the rat. She is Kokichi's rat in a roleplay I do on another site. Why she has the scarf cause he owns the robotic rat. But while rping as her, I really enjoyed the personality I gave her that I grew to love this character enough to become a official OC of mine that I adore very much.

      Also your comment section is very hard tp type in and read. hard to see what you're tying. because the letters blend in with your profile background.

    • Fellow masculine trans person sending love, and support! <3

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