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User ID: #20982
Username: Marluxia
Gender: Genderfluid
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 8:14 am

Profile description

Yo I'm Marluxia!

I run a couple rp blogs on Tumblr as well as play on quite a few petsites.

I'm Marluxia (#702) on Aywas and Xemnas(#11614) on FlightRising.

I'm also into League of Legends. You can find me at Marluxiathe11th there.

I even have skype on request!
Feel free to add me anywhere.

Furry Code: FF3adrw A C+ D H M? P++ R+ T+++ W Z- Sf# RL- a cn++ d? e f+ h+ i++ j++ p+ sf#

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    • -Boops-

    • Marluxia is my fave KH character ever :D

    • dude i feel ya! i used to go by Demy and Marly when i was in highschool xD
      i only just fell in love with saix recently.
      i blame Dream Drop and Birth by Sleep x.x

    • psssst i love your username
      i cosplay Saix and Isa~

    • i do miss the organization, its been too long w/o them owo hehe namine would mean more Roxas and i'd totally be okay with that <3

    • oh no tangled?? what would they even do @[email protected] lol well i will still be on the game like white on rice despite my preference for the worlds.

      all in all i just want more Riku. I'll take him any way i can get him at this point >.>

    • oh i know im so stoked plus Axel is back but as his somebody i think (if i remember correctly from dream drop distance), tho i wonder how they are going to incororate Big hero 6 into all that. o no it's not really my most favorite disney movie so i honestly wouldnt mind if it wasnt even mentioned in the game xP

    • I do ^^ ready for KH3?? It's been too long..

    • I love Marluxia~ I love KH <33

    • Thank you for buying my stuff! ヽ(๑╹□╹๑)ノ

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