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User ID: #21229
Username: Sidon
Gender: Agender
Last Online: 5 Aug 2021, 3:00 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 8:50 am

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•Chaotic Neutral/Lawful Neutral
•He or They pronouns pls

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Hello ! I'm Skyaia/Lance or any name you wanna call me.

som of my favorite people on this hellsite i call home: Admiral Pink Kuro @justaweeb Gosuto Superboy eevee Polymathema SadScales (and i lov all of them sm)

(css made w/ Satsukii / msjanny 's coding)

Villagers 25

Comments 47

    • I item = 1 pont for the gift tree! Idk if adding a stack of 5 wpuld count as 5 points or 1 point :0 so thats why. I know gift tree points dont do anything but i juwt like seein' it go up. (I try not to put in crappy things but i dont have rare stuff :'3 )

    • aye wooooooo

    • my buddy, my dude hello :0 i dont use skype anymore also so hmu on discord if you want, it's the same username !!

    • I've been going through some serious writer blocks and so, most of mine don't have profiles and until they do, I don't upload painties. oTL Tho, not all of them have some saved yet, as I can't really afford to get the design I want and such. I am sure you will get all the painties for yours with time, after all there's no rush!

    • *spirals in*
      I admire your shit posting skills, senpai

    • <3 Thanks, good to know! I hate to make someone feel like I ignored them or lost interest. Honestly, all your villagers/characters are just lovely. 'Flirts with a stone wall.' XD

    • Yaay! Feel free to send PM whenever and sorry if Im slow with replying, I go in shut-down phases sometime. q.q

    • Aaa, thank you!! And I'd definitely love to learn more about Howl sometime. ^^

    • Oh thank you! :>! I hope to work on them more soon.

    • Aaah thank you! I love Howl, always recognise you in the forums when I see them xD

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