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User ID: #21827
Username: svengali
Gender: Male
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 9:44 am

Villagers 11

Comments 252

    • Thanks for the flood of items in the giving tree! Your generosity was appreciated. <3

    • Thank you for the flood of items in the giving tree my dude ♡

    • You are awesome ! !
      TYSM for items and minipets :D

    • Your generosity is inspiring and appreciated!

    • Whoa, thanks for the huge Giving Tree drop with a lot of valuable stuff too!

    • It's cute, and fine. Hope you are doing well?

    • Hello there bunny collector, hope your Villager will feel better soon!

    • Please accept your Tabby Sphinx Cat! If its left unaccepted for another few days I will have to cancel it and gift it elsewhere.

    • Sure thing! My discord ID is Norbiester/4218 (sorry for spamming you with messages and I hope you're feeling better!)

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