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User ID: #28599
Username: maroonian
Gender: Agender
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 5:27 pm

Profile description

era | 22 | they/them | aro-ace-agender aesthetic

i am a literal potato. nice 2 meet you

im perpetually tired and am a neurobiology/psychology undergrad who has a propensity for terrible grammar and an extensive vocabulary employed for the sole purpose of making The Most Puns.

so im exhausted but dont take my laziness and tendencies towards abbreviating shit for idiocy thx

s-senpai be gentle w me pls

this is my bae, my furaffinity, and my personal tumblr, my art tumblr

if you are not already my friend, please dont contact me outside of a professional setting (eg: if youre commissioning me) if you are kin with lapis lazuli, peridot, garnet, sans, sollux captor, jade harley, karkat vantas, or eridan ampora thx

disclaimer: if you are rude to me, insult me, use leverage against me in the commissioning process, or make painties that make me uncomfortable, i will block you. nothing personal on that last point!

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    • Hello! I love your painties a lot!
      I just wanted to let you know, there's a way to block individual painties so if there's a paintie that makes you uncomfortable you don't have to block the entire user for it! You go to the villager's page, and in the paintie info box there's a big red button that says "Block" and it removes the paintie from the villager for you only.
      Just wanted to let you know! I really hope this helps :)
      Also, I think your painties are really great! I have to buy one (or more) of them once I raise enough money. They're just amazing :o

    • You have so many precious paintie babs <3

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