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User ID: #29268
Username: quqqy
Gender: Male
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 6:35 pm

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(quieter) holy shit i just logged in what’s up gamers
i’m ashton yhhhhhh
it is trans t pose time my dudes

s.... sorry if i happen to double post, my wifi’s SHIT

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    • Congratulations on winning!

      And a heads up, because of your coding on your profile, it makes the 'send' button on transfer items completely white and hard to see. I found it in the end, but you may want to fix that up.

      Take care!

    • thank u 'v'

    • I really like your coding!!
      and um.......how do you pronounce your username

    • Thanks for the plushie! :D

    • Peach is a double rex, which mean she is basically bald, except random patches of her body, but the fur is thin, short, and curly. She only has a decent amount of hair on her snoot, and curly whiskers. Peach fuzz, thus Peach.

    • That is the most precious name! I have 3 rats in my room :3 all girls, Bunny, Peach, and Maus.

    • No, the what's in your bedroom post

    • Oh but you must tell me the little darling's names!


    • hello, your css is super pretty too :0

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