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User ID: #29268
Username: quqqy
Gender: Male
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 6:35 pm

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(quieter) holy shit i just logged in what’s up gamers
i’m ashton yhhhhhh
it is trans t pose time my dudes

s.... sorry if i happen to double post, my wifi’s SHIT

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    • I got Hershel safe and sound in my village, thanks so much! <3

    • Ah, that's okay! :D
      I'll accept her tomorrow

    • It says she has been made a Worker in the last 24 hours and cannot be moved

    • Sorry I am taking so long, there are only 5 minutes left on her house

    • I think it's lovely what you are doing for others <3
      I just don't have the time to play a whole lot XD

      I will be sure to give her a good home :D

    • It may take a tiny bit, I have to make room for the cutie first, but thanks so much! :D

    • I'll try to give him a good life, don't worry :)

    • Thank you! And of course, the more skunks the better!

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