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User ID: #29268
Username: quqqy
Gender: Male
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 6:35 pm

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(quieter) holy shit i just logged in what’s up gamers
i’m ashton yhhhhhh
it is trans t pose time my dudes

s.... sorry if i happen to double post, my wifi’s SHIT

Villagers 9

Comments 88

    • Oh nuuuuuu. You have only 2 villagers?! What happened to the others?

    • No that's alright my dear, good luck for where ever you're going! <3

    • not all of them i dont know,, haha i usually just base them off of things i like i guess

    • Thanks for petting me so much ^w^

    • WOW. I didn't even NOTICE I was at 999!

    • Your pupper signature thingy is so cute! 12/10 Good dog best friend would pet and cuddle

    • Thank you very much for your comment, the paintie was purchased from peridxt. ^^ I truly adore Penelope very much, heh, they did a good job with the edits.

    • I could say the same thing about you friendo!!! Thanks for the compliment!!
      p.s. super nice profile code!!! tis cute :3c

    • Torva
      Ah, I've encountered that before. I'm not entirely sure how to fix it, but i'll be sure to look into it. Thank you for the reminder! Thank you again ^^

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