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User ID: #39342
Username: KikiKaori
Gender: Female
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 6:55 pm

Profile description

I am no longer active here, but I do check in from time-to-time to see new additions to the website.

♡ I can be cruel and sadistic. ♡
♡ I can also be kind and caring, reasonable. ♡
♡ If there so happens to be an argument, please be mature about it. I'm not afraid to admit I'm wrong and remember that there is more than one point of view in life. ♡
♡ Observant, good listener. ♡
♡ I'm a 'retired' artist; I prefer to just purchase it now. ♡
♡ I deal with crap like depression and anxieties. ♡
♡ Anti-social, social awkwardness(?), I'm not proud to admit it, but sometimes I say things that come out wrong unintentionally. I honestly try my best to think before I speak, but there is always that one slip. I can even go on talking, not noticing I said something rude as well.. if this happens, please tell me. I gotta learn from my mistakes. ♡
♡ My heart is taken. ♡
♡ Music is life. ♡
♡ BBW ♡
♡ I am open minded, down to earth. ♡
♡ Good at reading people (most of the time). ♡
♡ I like cute and creepy things. ♡
♡ I am forever Undertale trash. ♡
♡ I like to browse threads and read comments, though I rarely post on them unless I really feel the need to. ♡
♡ I used to love leaving goodies at the Giving Tree and hosting costume giveaways, but unfortunately I'm no longer active here.♡
♡ I know the majority of my villagers don't have anything in their description, but at current my goal is to get all my villagers Painties first. That and they are also mostly for my viewing pleasure. ♡

Ping List for Giveaways
RavenPocky, Tehutiy, Lividx
CanaryChaos, Kishi, aButteredBanana
DatWither, silversnowmeow, Salicos
Darillion, Shadow-glow, SPIRRAL
MeloNeko, rains, Ricky
Rose, Abaddon, Imoku
Shadow-glow, Prima, Oreocat2572
Vivian_The_Griffin, Ri, WarriorMaiden

Villagers 60

Comments 82

    • If you're ever willing to sell Glow Thorn too let me know

    • Turns out I decided to gift the saggi to my good friend who really likes it, she also has other sroka saggi painties and she'll definitely keep it forever, she was even in the bidding for it back when it was being sold originally

    • Hey, this is out of the blue I know, but I'm going to send your lovely saggitari back to you. I'm getting less and less into being here lately and I said I'd give them back if I ever felt I shouldn't have them anymore

    • Thanks so much <3 <3 <3

    • (Super late, I didn't notice at first!) Thank you so much for the gift!!!

    • Thank you so much for your help!*-*

    • Your welcome! I just think everyone deserves to be complemented sometimes! Ya never know how happy it could make someone :3

    • You have so many beautiful painties! And so many awesome villagers! :3

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