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    • Aw it didn't work...


    • I hope you do, too. ;) So true! He's kind of a pain in the butt, but it's funny how much he irritates people sometimes. X3

    • Ay, he's so cool. ^^ I'm only 100-something episodes in, but he's easily one of my favorite characters.

    • Aw you're welcome! ^^ ((I like the Kakashis in your profile too ;))

    • Aw I love the picture of Pakkun on your profile!

    • Yes, Sengoku Basara is base somewhat around the Sengoku Era. There is many things that are somewhat right about history but that is one reason i love it so much!

    • I love Sengoku Basara. There has been a lot of talk about it because of the newest game coming out Sengoku Basara: Yukimura Den which is all about Sanada Yukimura.

    • I was watching the part where Sebastian was in the Curry Festival. As for my character. He is Date Masamune from Sengoku BASARA

    • Thank you very much. I love your profile. Ciel is an amazing character. I was just watching BB last night before i fell asleep.

    • lol, well today might be the last day I'm able to update because I've got a lot going on the next 3 days and might not make it on here at all

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