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    • Hi Cerberus thanks for all the return visits to my stall ^_^, when you said you stalked my stall you were not kidding were you XD

    • Ambrosial confections and palatable ones, fares the appetency,
      Indeed,as time's ensphering obscurity and life's pondering omen,

      Reverence of ataraxia, endears the path of benignancy,
      Palavering pleasure 'tis an ace in every curiouser's spoken,agreed~*nods for the chatter's pursue*

      Importance's arithmetic bears unto such monochromic and peculiar demeanor,
      Motley of cobalt and priggish desires, the pardon mauled by bane of honour,I say,m'dear ol' fellow.. *raises brow within it's stirs of tea*

    • Ah, what a fellow of exquisite's relish,
      A fancy company of tea and cherry-filled crumpets,I see~?

      A commence of distribution shall be thy's delish,
      Joviality and blithesome-y days as the gratefulness' trumpets,indeed,m'dear spiffy one~ *bows and notices the ruby-eyed and ailurophile figure amusingly*

    • Hello I saw Ciel and anyone who likes Ciel must have fine tastes so good day~ c8

    • Your profile appearance looks great :)

    • Its no problem at all

    • I'll send you about half of the scarves but the others you're gunna have to buy XD. Soon as I send the scarves I'll update my stall

    • I'll be updating soon. Also like how you changed up your profile. And do you know anyone who needs Toothy Scarfs? They take for ever to sell and I have about 77 of the things and don't need them

    • If you need em, just let me know and I'll keep some one the side for you. I wasn't able to do much today because I was dealing with a personal problem I'm sorry

    • Thank you, I'm really happy !

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