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Username: Masazaneflight
Gender: Transmale
Last Online: 11 Aug 2020, 6:08 am
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Heart of the Date


Shokudaikiri | Masamune | Ookurikara | Sword Spirits | 燭台切光忠 | 伊達 政宗 | 大倶利伽羅 | He-Him | 22 | September 5 | FictionKin | Spirit Kin | DateKin | Proud Dragon’s Claw | Proud War Lord | Lightning Wielder | Tachi | Uchigatana | Big Boss of Oshuu | Japanese History Lover


“Evening there, The names are Masamune, Shokudaikiri and Ookurikara. We am a FictionKin Multi-system with Date Masamune, Shokudaikiri Mitsutada and Ookurikara as my headmates. Between the three of them we will place a signature of who is fronting at the time. Masamune is not the historical figure but from Sengoku BASARA, do not mix these up. As well as being Shokudaikiri and Ookurikara from Touken Ranbu. The sword spirit headmates are from the online Japanese game Touken Ranbu.

This is our personal Furvilla account that will hold characters that belong to us. Do not ask to have them it will be a no. Masamune is the main headmate, being the fronter, Shokudaikiri is the secondary, meaning he is second to be mostly active third and finally is Ookurikara that comes in bursts here and there. There are many reasons to us being a fictionkin multi-system besides just seeing who is in control in the mirror but dreams and feelings as well as well as things we can not fully explain.

Please note that if you do not approve of fictionkin please do not say anything and simply move on.. We enjoy many things including Kendo, horse back riding, writing, reading, roleplaying, video games and drawing. We am rather friendly, open minded and neutral when it comes to many things but Masamune and Ookurikara can get rather rude at times for it is just the people they are. Don’t take offense to it.

We was diagnosed with Major Depression and a very bad case of Anxiety so we tend to need time to ourselves. We sometimes rant personal things but not too much anymore. Don’t be scared, We can seem mean due to Ookurikara but we are very nice. We try out best to get stuff done in a timely manner that we deem fit. We are lovers of the Japanese culture including it’s history. We plan to move to Japan when we are able.”

~Masamune & Shokudaikiri & Ookurikara~

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    • :)

    • Pretty good, I just really enjoyed speaking with you, so I thought I'd stir up a conversation.

    • Hey friend, how's it going?

    • Really? Yeah, I heard of the game, I think after the anime. Isn't it a historical anime based around war? I don't know, it's been a while. But I vaguely remember Masamune being a central character.

    • Ah, thought so!
      I've heard about Sengoku Basara, but I've never watched it. Actually I've been hearing talk about it a lot lately.

    • Oh really? What a coincidence. Which part were you watching?
      Now I know for a fact that I've at least seen the characters on your profile somewhere before..where are they from again?

    • Umm..thank you so much for the friend request.
      I'm absolutely in love with your profile! ^^

    • Hiya! I'd totally be down to do a BEL paintie for you, I havent worked out my rates just yet but does 1500FC sound ok? O:

    • Thanks for Shopping at my Stall! Have a wonderful Day! <3


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