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User ID: #30264
Username: Glaciai
Gender: Female
Last Online: 9 Mar 2020, 6:01 am
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 8:13 pm

Profile description

I'm a 13 year old digital artist from instagram, (@/glaciai)
As for personality, Glaciai pretty much describes me!
I love everyone unless they give me a reason not to!

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    • that's lovely to hear, thank you so much for using my code ;v ;! you've made some v cute adjustments!

    • Sure, you can have the medicine. Send what seems fair to you.

    • lol We need a bookmark system or something on here XD I keep forgetting that it's easiest to just friend someone so you can just zoom back to their profile lol

    • Hello! I'm afraid we haven't met yet and was wondering if perhaps you recognized me from somewhere? I generally accept all friend requests I get but I'm trying to not be such a packrat with friends for once and only friend people I know so I'm not sitting here wondering "wait who was that?". I hope you understand! :)

    • hah, i'm not from instagram, but i noticed there is somebody on there with the name cinnadude!

    • also yours is reaaaally cool as well! (easy to read too which is good )

    • eap thank you so so much <3 it took me a fair while TwT so its nice to hear that people like it!

    • Haha, nah it's cool :P and you're welcome!
      And the background of Quill's page is 950x2467 c:

    • Omg I know what you mean... I remember seeing a 35% Gold Medicine on sale for 3000FC, and it was the only one available .o.

    • Aha, nope! Just selling them for cheap so I can help people in need easier :'3

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