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User ID: #32013
Username: jurobii
Gender: Female
Last Online: 6 Nov 2018, 9:19 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 11:32 pm

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juro | she/her | FV+14 | art shop

Hello! My name's juro, and I do the art thing :-) You can find me on tumblr, instagram and flight rising under the same username, so um, stalk me I guess? :')

Always in need of paintie tickets; PM me if you're willing to trade yours for art or FR items/currency!!

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    • No problem! I will probably send you more as I randomly get some!

    • Ok. So, sorry my reply didn't post. I tried to ping you and send pymt. Don't know why neither will go.

    • Heyo!! Sorry about the late response! I was out of town and just got back today so I've mostly been asleep aha. Anywho I did see the ping and I absolutely LOVE the art!! I'll have your payment sent in a moment! ;v;

    • oh goodness I'm super sorry this took so long!! I didn't touch my computer for days and really lost my motivation aha, hope this looks alright!


    • :3c just wanted to say hello have a nice day !

    • Finally got the sketchy uni baby up, thanks so much for the paintie <33

    • oh alright!! i'm sorry this was so inconvenient for you >.<

    • haven't gotten a single bite yet. :x But I'm not giving up. I still really want that paintie!

    • Sorry, I've been busy with work the last couple days! I have the weekend off though so I should be able to get more over the weekend. I'm at 200 FD~

    • Thank you for all the ice faeries :)

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