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User ID: #38272
Username: SarcasticSpook
Gender: Unspecified
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 4:38 pm

Profile description

+1 hour ahead FV time

Currently Fronting- Spook
Mentally ill - Ambivert
She/Her - They/Them
He/Him only comfortable w/ Spook and Husk

Please refrain from sending me random friend requests unless I know you! Its a little uncomfortable tbh

What's up nerds, it's your local Spook here. Just a little info about me. other than the general crap. I'm an artist who has too many ocs for their own good and loves crying over them. Tbh I usually cry whenever anyone takes an interest in them anyways. That being said I'm also an rp nerd so yeh!

I also like vidya games. Current ones that are taking up my attention all the time are Pokemon Moon, Overwatch, Minecraft and Stardew Valley.

Don't be afraid to come chat with me about anything! I don't bite that much tbh

Hella gif to celebrate my revival made by the fantastic Korona !

- Get painties done for all villagers
- Work on all the CSS for villager pages
-Try to make friends
- Cry

Villagers 15

Comments 41

    • Thank you! I'm flying now!

    • Just what is Flight Rising, anyway? What can you tell me about it?

    • hello!! not sure if you saw my ping in my art shop but your art is done and posted! ^^

    • Saaamee LMAO I'm not half as active as I used to be on the forums even tho I'm on everyday still. xD;
      !!! AAA please lmk when you upload it, I'd love to see!! :'D

    • Ahokay ;w; that's fair enough haha. I've seen you around for awhile too so I know you're cool (also I've always loved Sugar Hype, 11/10 villager <3

    • wAH I read that part of your profile before I sent the friend request - you don't have to accept that if you don't want to!! I'm an idiot ^^;

    • Np I wish I had more to give! ;w;

    • Its not letting you accept the item? No big deal; just let me resend it.

    • Hey, thanks so much for the payment! I really appreciate it, thanks again!!!

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