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User ID: #3300
Username: Lucky_Lucas
Gender: Boyflux
Last Online: 18 Feb 2021, 4:19 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 1:01 pm

Profile description

Why, yes, Kurosawa Ruby is my comfort character. How could you tell?

Hi! My name is Lucas, but you can call me Luke! My pronouns are he/him and they/them. I was born in America on March 7th 2003 and speak English as well as Japanese. My MBTI personality is INFP-T and my alignment is Chaotic Neutral. Some of my hobbies include acting, baking, cultural studies, gardening, history, piano, psychology, singing, TCGs, and video games. My dream is to become an idol. I tend to lurk since I'm a little bit shy, but feel free to shoot me a PM or friend request!

Side note: I am neurodivergent and absolutely terrible when it comes to using neopronouns. If I mess up, don't be afraid to (gently) correct me! I am trying my best to get used to neopronouns. :)

My Discord tag is @ルーカス☆#4996 if you'd rather chat on there!

♡ Taken 05/14/2020 ♡


My Wishlist!
• Any button missing from my Button Book
• Any minipet missing from my Menagerie
• Any plush missing from my Toybox
• Any stamp missing from my Stamp Collection
• Any sticker missing from my Sticker Album
• Any stone missing from my Stone Collection
• Breeding Potions
• Conical Hats
• Costumes (especially Spooky and Steampunk)
• Food
• Fur Cash
• Fur Dollars
• Gembound villager
• Paintie Tickets
• Stars
• Grey-aro and grey-ace buttons added to FV
• Friends!!

Current Hyperfixations!
• THE [email protected]
• セーラームーン (Sailor Moon)
• ダンガンロンパ (Danganronpa)
• ラブライブ! (Love Live!)

Current Status!
• Mental illnesses have really been kicking my ass lately.
• Might see me online but not talking, sorry!

Other Sites!
Chicken Smoothie
Dappervolk (rarely active lol)

Eyestrain and flashing lights(?) warning!!

Villagers 15

Comments 16

    • Thank you so much for granting me! <3

    • Ganbaruby! <3

    • Aww, thank so you much!! (*°∀°) =♡

    • Ruby is best girl

    • ⊂ʕ•ᴥ•⊂ʔ thank you!

    • GHAGSH BRO I AM SO THANKFUL,,,, you really didnt need to send anything back-- this is for the wishlist thread (forgot the exact name) cause i feel like i didnt send enough dsjfn

    • dont mention it !!! ill probably send more (and some fd, when i get some) im so irresponsible with my money and i like knowing im giving it to someone wholl be better at managing that stuff smsafksnf

    • When I get home I'll draw your sheep sona sense you got skipped in the thread. Wont be home in a few hours though. So give me time.

    • I'll send you all of them! But only if you tell me where you got the Kiwi plushie in your gallery x'D it's adorable!

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