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User ID: #33150
Username: Cakestellation
Gender: Agender
Last Online: 22 Jun 2019, 12:49 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 2:48 am

Profile description

QP native - currently back home!!
cake | 19 | agender | they/he | cat fairy in human disguise

languages: english and german | time: CET (FV+7)

instagram | deviantart | tumblr | art blog | flightrising

hi! im cake and i dont rly got much to tell abt myself but heres some general info anyways: im from south germany and im in med school rn (training for medical lab assistant). aside from that im an artist doing digital and traditional art (pencils, watercolors, copics) - my villagers painties are all made by me! i enjoy some cartoons and animes like voltron and yuri on ice, to name two of my favorites. im also a huge pokemon fan - mostly the games but i like to collect some cards and watch the series sometimes too!

needed potion recipes:

CSS credits: template by jennawing | background by dimespin

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Comments 12

    • I've got a spare Male Rainbow Rock if you're still looking for one~?

    • Nice profile! Thanks for the Giving Tree drops! You're really kind!

    • Lookin' good! Pretty profile people unite %)

    • Yes of course! I THINK it is this: #logo + :nth-child(2) { z-index:5; background: #81819f; }

    • Thank you for the link! Time to make a nice minimalistic profile too~
      And thank you for the compliments on my villagers, too. I'm proud of them :')

    • Hey, I love your profile CSS! It looks lovely, very minimal and pretty c: Would you mind sharing the template? I can't seem to find it on jennawing's profile, all her links are dead…

    • Aw thank you! nwn

    • Thank you friendo!! You're really good at making puns btw lmao

    • Heyy! Late reply but, no problem! if you ever want me to make another costume, just say! I'd be happy to do so! ♥

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