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User ID: #33648
Username: Cookykitty
Gender: Demigirl
Last Online: 12 Apr 2022, 8:40 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 4:27 am

Profile description

Hello! I'm an artist, and I am very friendly, but I'm kinda shy!

She/Her/They/them, Pansexual, 20. I'm 2 hours behind Furvilla time but I also only work at night so I'm usually on in the nighttime and wee hours of the morning.

I have a ball python who I love with all my heart, as well as a 15 year old cat named Sassy who is actually a moon goddess that did something terrible to end up as my cat, cause she is too beautiful to be a normal cat.

Send me your best memes.


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    • Woah!! Thank you so much for the purchases :00!! Also, since it's that day.... Happy Valentine's to you!

    • Lol thanks <3 I'll definitely try! ^w^

    • @Tokyo I believe in you!!! I hope you can get a hang of it and not be confused ;D

    • Ooh, thanks! I'm gonna try that! It always sounds so simple when other people do it, and then I try and I'm just like why can't I do it?! T-T I see all those letters and numbers and I get all confused and quit, but imma stick with it this time!

    • @Tokyo I found a free to use polaroid CSS snippet Here: https://pastebin.com/HqnPmsjv
      And then the background image was just pasting the link into the code. It's a pretty daunting task to me lol

    • Aw, thanks so much! But I can't take the credit for the css, that goes to msjanny I can't do coding at all! I like your css too! Is it hard to do? I've always wanted to try but end up getting frustrated with it.

    • thank you so much! ;;w;; <333

    • Since I haven't seen many people wanting to join the art contest, I will send out a prize of: 1 Random Costume, 25 FD, 2-4 Random Magic Plushies, 5K FC, 1-2 Random Types of Food ( Most likely Fluttering Fluff Puffs), and 6 random fairies. You did great, I love how the agate looks. The latest prizes will be out is tomorrow evening.

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