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User ID: #33885
Username: LucielChoi
Gender: milsch
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 4:43 am

Profile description

Hi. This account is no longer active. If you're interested in purchasing any of my villagers or items please message me. I'm mostly looking for Flight Rising currency as I'm not interested in this site anymore.

I'm otherkin and fictionkin (If you've got an issue with that just block and get on with your life ). My main IDs are Taako Taaco (TAZ) and Luciel Choi (MM). I have a couple of other kintypes too, if you wanna know them hmu! I'm not okay with doubles, for the record. I'm sorry;;

I'd prefer not to have anyone who is kin with Magnus Burnsides, Jumin Han or Brian Thomas interact with me either, as they are my BFs main IDs. Thankyou for reading.

Here is where you can find My FR, My ToyHouse and My Pokefarm!
^Shoutout 2 my bronther bingnie cheez^

Villagers 11

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    • Np! <3 cool paintie btw , I. Love the colors and face is adorable :D

    • I have a gem raptor morphing potion if u wanna offer for it :,))

    • Ah hewwo!! :3 Happy halloween to you as well! I hope you have a fantastic day!

    • Your welcome! and thank you (=

    • It's not a problem! I honestly was half tempted to maybe send a PM or something but I've got anxiety & I'm never sure what to say, haha ;3; You seem really very cool though!!! I enjoy seeing you around the site ^u^

    • no need to worry about late replies, as you can tell i'm pretty partial to those myself! ^//^''' sorry about that!
      but thank you so much, i'll go ahead and reply to that DM now! i appreciate your help!

    • Love ur CSS, it's super hecking cute

    • aaa thanks a whole bunch! c'': my CSS needs a few more tweaks here and there, just haven't gotten around to it! might i trouble you by asking how you got a background in your content box??♡

    • Oh my! You've got such a pretty CSS and your bby Helix is a darling?? ;//w//; Happy Haunting!

    • ayyyyoure on the karma leader board

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