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User ID: #34401
Username: Lucid
Gender: Female
Last Online: 3 Oct 2020, 10:30 am
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 6:58 am

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Quitting- Trading Everything for FR Here

Trophy box thingie on my profile by msjanny #7302
Forum vistas (purple) by genie #45295 and (rainbow) by buffalo #29539

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    • Huh not a bad idea at all! I'll consider it! Thanks for the ideas Lucid. <3

    • *Shifty eyes.* I haven't the slightest clue what would 'fit' in a gallery that would center around that Lance. xD I suck at being all matchy matchy and that's how the gallery feels to me. Lolz.

    • Hur hur. Exactly how I felt when the Imaginary Lance dropped. "It exists! The legends foretold its coming!" xD

    • <3 Also congrats on getting your Light Staff finally! OwO *Admires the shiny.*

    • All yours Lucid! I've got dozens to toss at random folks. <3

    • Ah ok thank you!

    • how much are the morphing potion recipes?

    • I’m just sorry it took so long! I don’t think I understood at the time it was an Alpha wolf drop 0.0 I’ve learned quite a bit since then and I certainly hope I can get everything else in time, thank you

    • Thank you so much for being such a great person!!! The ring is gonna help me tons!!! Have a great day!

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