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User ID: #34401
Username: Lucid
Gender: Female
Last Online: 3 Oct 2020, 10:30 am
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 6:58 am

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Quitting- Trading Everything for FR Here

Trophy box thingie on my profile by msjanny #7302
Forum vistas (purple) by genie #45295 and (rainbow) by buffalo #29539

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    • Thank you for your purchase : )

    • Aww thanks hun <3
      If you need him back, just let me know.
      I've been lucky with breeding in that I got a wolf and a fennec, but....nothing for 4 days :p
      Try and log in my your phone from your sisters at least once so you don't lose the progress of your serpent eggs <3

    • Bought a rainbow cat from the gala, got a female. So I can just borrow the koi for tomorrow if that's OK <3

    • Thanks again for the lend hun, still no rainbows /flails and curses RNG ;w;

    • Thank you too friend!!

    • Thank you for your purchase : )

    • No problem. :) Best of luck to you too!

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