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Username: Lucid
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Last Online: 3 Oct 2020, 10:30 am
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Quitting- Trading Everything for FR Here

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    • Thanks hun <3
      Sent over the kitty as well, I bred them today and got 2 soot kitties and the frogs gave me 3 green ones lol

    • Aw no its OK hun, I'm gonna move there next weds so I'm only going to be trying to master the DMM/OD Meds until then so I won't get much use out of them, thanks though <3
      Yeah I love that it's so easy to change too, probably so you can run around collecting everything easily for your workers, otherwise we would be pretty much forced to trade :p

    • Yeah I can move again on the 15th and I just might do! I've mastered the medicines here, plus I guess I can always trade other tokens for the sun coins...or just move back here just before it starts. Think I will join you back in QP! It's the only village I have 0 seeds for, I can make medicine for DMM/OD because somehow I got a bunch of seeds, though no idea where they came from lol

    • I think it started on the 14th? So I don't think you missed too much, hopefully the JT starts at the same time and if it follows the same pattern, I should only miss the first day...which is just a lot of lag anyway :p
      But if they do something new and do the first two weeks, I'll just miss the last one....but one week should be OK. I've already got enough stuff to make 6 costumes....if they don't go with the costume thing then...oh well, it's been fun collecting? Lol. If they are giving pure fc for the costumes though, they will probably cap how many you can turn in? I just want them to post a news post and tell us what to start expecting like they did with the hint to hoard stuff lol. And I really want that frickin worker totem slot! :x

    • Aww thanks hun <3
      Yeah maybe...although by the end of QP event I was just wishing it would be over lol, is it just me who thinks 2 weeks is too long?!

    • Aww I'll trade you one for a dragon blueprint if I find another one? I've found two dragons so far but I traded one for a wolf blueprint because the Wolf is the only mechanical pet I actually like lol
      I do still want to teach my crafter all the blueprints eventually though!

    • No the event will be in May sometime. I really hope it's at the end, I'll be in Greece for my sisters wedding from the 6th-15th and I don't want to miss it but I don't want to spend the whole week there trying to connect to a wifi xD

    • Sorry hun, thought I replied to your comment yesterday....:/ lol
      I don't think those weapons that cost so many tokens are worth it other than as collection items? They don't seem to give that much DMG/+HP for what they cost anyway so I wouldn't bother....

    • Hope you enjoy all of the guinea pigs!

    • Thank you for purchasing the schema :-D

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