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Username: Lucid
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Last Online: 3 Oct 2020, 10:30 am
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Quitting- Trading Everything for FR Here

Trophy box thingie on my profile by msjanny #7302
Forum vistas (purple) by genie #45295 and (rainbow) by buffalo #29539

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    • It's the 12th they will be RTB again <3

    • Boo for no SR -kicks stupid RNG- okies hun, think it's the 11th, will let you know once I've double checked in the menagerie <3

    • Yeah I might do that if they haven't sold by the time they are RTB again xD
      Was it the peep you was needing? Do you have both a male and female? I have a spare female if you need it <3

    • Thanks for the lend hun, got two commons - both male. Boop

    • haha nah they are all pretty easy to rs tbh plus they seem to restock a lot so I don't know how they're not like 5k each in the stalls already LOL

    • Btw if you don't have a crafter/tailor who know the patterns and dont want to pay for the books, f you send over your items I can craft them for you nearer the time/if confirmed that what that said was indeed correct ^_^

    • Yeah and I love the look of the frosted tokens <3
      Aw that's OK hun, I'm gonna move there after the JT to collect all the seeds for my herbalist/Dr careers plus I need to collect a butt ton of sky coins to make a million fairy costumes LOL

    • Haha I feel pretty clueless as well tbh, if I hadn't stumbled upon that thread then I'd be oblivious like with the serpent festival xD I hate OFB, it's my least favorite village (I've already been through all of them LOL I figured dragons maw manor would be my aesthetic but I actually love terror eye peak and can't wait to move back....but after the jousting tournament, I'm going to move to QP then ocean oceandome to collect the seeds and tokens for costumes because im too cheap to buy them so probably won't be back there until summer :( lol

    • I know :( that's why I stepped up to 3 warriors and since the 1st when I went back to OFB I've managed to gather over 300 tokens...so it's not too bad? Plus it's not til May so I'm sure I can gather a ton by then xD

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