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Username: NoctisEternal
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 8:22 am

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Maybe active? IDK. Want to get back into the art side of things.

See something you want? Message me. It's probably for sale

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    • Just responding to your post, thanks for letting me know, I'll update my notes :)

    • The tail on your art thing does look a bit better!

    • Thank you for the gift! Nice to meet you ^^

    • Thank you for the elixirs and FC!

    • No problem! :>

    • Welcome to furry hell

    • Ooo wanted to check if the art fight thread is open for posting?

      And if not can you ping me when it is? I'm super interestd x3

    • Thank you!

    • (Thanks a lot for the furniture!)

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