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User ID: #35788
Username: cr0ws
Gender: Male
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 11:21 am

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grad student || dude || joey/cr0w
Slytherin || loser || citizen of Kurtistown

sig dutch credit - sig hosea credit
background credit

ask me about my cowboys


- g e n e r a l - w i s h l i s t -
6303-the-oracles-lunchbox.png 641-paintie-ticket.png 4789-magic-moonstone-gem-raptor-sticker. 4154-aurora-kitsune-plushie.png
5602-forest-cap.png 5237-bottled-sea-serpent.png 5521-candle-of-nature.png 4475-tiny-toy-t-rex.png
6505-hikers-emergency-whistle.png 4486-cowboy-hat.png 5239-faux-tiger-paws.png
5168-cat.png 2591-collectible-galleon.png 2590-collectible-clipper.png 5229-goats-horn-horn.png
and like,, literally any other plushes/stickers agh

tysm to Dream-Treader for Laz's witch hat!! <3
and tysm random anon for the royal robes ?? f r i c c-- you're too kind omg fjkgkjf
a n d Fluffy Rosy Fairy for the hopeless romantic's rose hh ??? tysm oml aGH
ty ty to Maxkay123 for the ranger patches!! glad i could help!!!
and tysm to another anon for the squid plushie!!!
ty ty plague doc fairy for the watch aGH!!
thanks so much for the faux tail, coping fairy!! <3333

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    • Thank you so much mdear!

    • To anyone considering commissioning cr0ws:
      Please do it. He is a joy to work with. He is very attentive to his customers and works in a timely manner. I commissioned a full ref sheet from him and he got it done in a few hours despite me saying he could take his time. When I asked to have the full body on the ref sent as a transparent background paintie size (with his permission to use it as such) he did not charge me anything extra and was more then happy to help.
      His PayPal commissions are done via invoice so you don't have to worry about anything. But with how wonderful he is to work with there isn't anything to worry about.
      I can not recommend him more then I already do.

    • I love the piece of Billie you made for me in that forum game! <33

    • Aaaaaa thank you so much for the tip! I greatly appreciate it! You really didn’t have to ^w^

    • Crap sorry,,, I meant to address your crow character!! Crow? Sorry, shoulda made that clear,, I saw “bird” and got tunnel vision

    • Thankyou do much for buying the gummi! <33

    • hello. we have many fandoms in common. you are cool. (:

    • Thank you for drawing my good boy!!! You did amazing tbh!!

    • Thank you very much for the art!! I love the cute style you have. <3

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