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User ID: #38271
Username: baa
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 4:38 pm

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casey / he/him

•my time is +1

•*all villager css by crovilla on tumblr, (crovilla.tumblr.com)

•profile css by Pachoopi

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Comments 234

    • If you do decide you wanna trade Berri I'll give ya the aurora burr plus a paintie or villager or whatever ^^

    • my child

    • Thank you so much you big hug-able goop ~♥

    • Thank you so much for the orca whale!! ;o; <3

    • The fairies gave me a few interesting pets over the event, what can I say. Your welcome, enjoy.

    • Aack thank you so much! I cant thank you enough, the FD is very useful <33

    • Toxien is on the random recent painties page right now

    • If for some reason you ever trade Berri, do tell me ^^

    • Noms on*

    • Hey we both bought slimepoodles

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