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User ID: #38271
Username: baa
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 4:38 pm

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casey / he/him

•my time is +1

•*all villager css by crovilla on tumblr, (crovilla.tumblr.com)

•profile css by Pachoopi

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Comments 234

    • Goopy friend!

    • thank you for the tip owo
      i hope your friend enjoys the adopt

    • Never mind, I figured it out

    • I tried out the whole stall thing. It is a way to sell things to other people, right? If you don't mind checking it out and can you let me know if I am doing it right?

    • haha, ok then :) Thanks!

    • /runs by gooping

    • If you were aimi g for a dragon then I can trade you the one you breed for me for any other rainbow species (fennec, cat or wolf for example)

    • You're welcome. Right now I am good (though Idid manage to donate 5 seeds Ididn't want to donate to the tree... :/ I should have been paying more attention :D)

    • Not anymore sadly

    • Nah, everyone needs help once in a while, that's what being a person is ^^

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