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User ID: #4034
Username: Charingo
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 1:24 pm

Profile description

18y - she/her - sleepy

if you have any questions about furvilla or how to play , feel free to ask ! im also almost always open to messages and friend requests (ill always accept ! nwn)

if you gaze upon this lucky golden toad, you will be granted good luck and prosperity for the rest of your day

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    • Also your profile css is very cool! Did you make it by yourself?

    • I was wondering, can I add your golden toad to my pace as well?

    • Oh my goodness your painties are amazing! Do you do commissions?

    • 1 just real1zed you're the same char1ngo as on dev1ant art [don't m1nd the 1's thats my typ1ng qu1rk]

    • A happy profile ✨

    • g a zes upon the lucky toad

    • pat pat,,

    • ringo can i giv u ,,, the pats

    • *wiggles at* would you be down for an art trade? :0

    • i adore your avatar and art style!!!

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