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Username: DjPawz
Gender: Female
Last Online: 10 Jan 2020, 6:30 pm
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I'm not really sure how to tell people about myself, like do I list it like a reference sheet or do I just say thing's like my favorite color is blue? I know, I know, I'm really bad at talking to people xD But I will do my best! Please enjoy!

<3How I found out I was bi<3
My friend and I were about the same age (She was 15 and I was 13) at the time we we're really confused, As a result of this, she came up with an idea that she thought would solve the problem. She thought we should try being girlfriends for one month, I thought it wasn't the best way to see how we felt about girls but we tried it anyway. In the first week nothing really happened we held hands on occasion called each other names like sweetie pie ect.. During the next week of the relationship we were more comfortable with each other we started to experiment a bit. On the third week not much changed except my feelings, I felt like she slowly but surely started to like me too. On the last week I didn't want to break up. I had realized I had been in love with with her for a long time, and I didn't want too lose her. I tried to convince myself that I just really liked her as a friend but that wasn't the case( I was in denial), I really liked her and I felt like no one could take her place. Its pretty immature but I was young so I took it pretty seriously. Although I feel like she was scared to say that she had mutual feelings for me because her mom was against gay marriage. I can appreciate the friendship we have now but my feelings still remain the same for her and I'm not entirely sure if they will ever change.

<3 Interests <3
Well I have always loved star trek me and my dad watched it while I was younger and the memories will always be there. I absolutely love Marvel and DC Comics! I don't own any yet but I'm saving up xD I like video games but i'm not a gamer so please don't get mixed up xD I like COD, Undertale, Destiny, Mario kart, Mario games in general tbh XD Obviously I am a furry, so if you gotta problem with that I don't know what your doing on this site xD I absolutely love Disney movies! I know its stupid but I really do, I grew up watching them so I can't help but enjoy watching them, they bring up lots of child hood memories. I like some anime's but I don't watch it constantly. I like Steven universe but I'm not a hardcore fan, I just watch the show ya know xD.

How I came to be a furry <3
I feel like I should mention this before I start talking about my first encounters with furries, because without this I don't think I would have become a furry if I'm going to be honest with you. While I was growing up, like most furries I had a very big interest in animals and still do to this day. Everything about them I always found it quit intriguing.So I myself personally believe that was probably my main reason for being so captivated by them.
Ahh, yes, this story is always a delight for me to tell! Let me see. I believe I was about ten maybe eleven, when I first encountered the furry fandom. I was in my room, my eyes were fixed on the television ( In most of my younger years, we didn't have lost of electronics so little things like a TV caught my attention) I can't exactly remember the show I was watching but I do remember how I felt when I was watching it. At this time my family didn't have the internet so I had no way to learn more about furries. All I had was determination to learn more and a library not to far into town. I was very fascinated with them, I wanted to learn more about the community and how I could become a fury. As expected there aren't books on furries or how to become one, so I had to improvise. I knew very little about the fandom at the time so I didn't know what to look up at the time ( Yes our library had computers and yes, I tried to look furries up in a book or dictionary first. I was pretty young and I had little to know experience with computers so please, give my younger self a break) Once I realized I wasn't gaining the correct knowledge I quickly rethought my plan. I knew that I had to try and use the computer but as soon as I at down I was absolutely clueless, I had no idea how to use the thing. As you would expect, I was pretty intimidated. After what felt like an eternity, I finally found out how to use the mouse properly xD But I still did know how to open up the internet, so to save myself from another struggle, I decided to ask the librarian for help with the computer. After she opened the browser she asked if I needed help from there on( Now I was to say, yes I was very inexperienced when it came to computers but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to find out how to type in the the search bar.) So I replied with I smile and said " No thanks" she left me to my own, and occasionally glancing my way to see if I needed any feather assistance. I need to slow down a bit, this is becoming quite a bit for someone to read xD Anyway I guess this sort of became a "How I became a furry plus how I learned to use the internet" xD After that day, I asked my mom If we could get the so called internet, I told her it helped me with my studies and how useful it was. At first she insisted that you can't learn anything from the internet that isn't already in a book. I guess I can see ware she was coming from, but that obviously isn't a true statement. It took quit a bit of persuading but I eventually convinced her that the internet is a very liable source of knowledge and can even be used for fun! After that it became much easier to gather research on furries. I was able to answer meany more questions I had for myself as well! Zooming ahead to when I had the basic idea of a furry, I knew what a fursona is ect.. Now please remember I was eleven around this time so I didn't entirely understand what classified you as a furry so I rationalized it to a very simple concept. You had to own a fursuit to be a furry. So with this idea that this is the only way to be a furry, I really wanted a fursuit for two reasons. 1: Because I thought that was the only possible was of being considered a furry and I truly wanted to be one. And 2: Because I thought they were really cool! So I started to save lots of money so I could one day own one.( Obviously I didn't make enough money, I was very young. And even if I did I'm still happy I didn't because that In my opinion is a huge wast of money. I am a furry but I'm content with or without a fursuit.) after meany attempts I soon realized I could never save enough money for a fursuit, or at least not at my age After that realization, I felt like I wasted my time on trying to become a furry only to give up on my dream. No too soon after that, I got in to this game called Animal Jam. Turns out that game is a breeding ground for younger furs like me, so most of them helped me gain a better understanding of what made you a furry. I was overwhelmed with joy, I felt like I belonged. I had an entire group of people that was able to understand me, and that was what I truly wanted from the furry fandom, or what we all want in general, to feel excepted. I still wanted a fursuit at the time but I made my expectations a bit more realistic. I eventually made a fursona so I could start practice drawing on my computer. I guess that wraps up the story, sorry it was so freaking long xD

Facts about me <3
Sexuality: Bisexual.
Favorite animal: I really like lions.
Favorite color: Blue and pink x3
Hobbes: Drawing, Swimming,Singing, Skateboarding and Basketball :)
Relationship Status: Single for anyone who wants to know.
Favorite food: Tacos!
Religion: Christian.

<3 Links <3

Css coding was by Lu :3 I just changed a few things x3

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    • omg help I love your painties ;;

    • DjPawz Just wanted to remind you about the trade! It's fine if you don't want to do it anymore, but I'd like to know ASAP

    • Hey DjPawz !! It's bellathygay, I just thought I should let you know that I changed my username since you haven't checked the trade I sent yet :0 thought you would be confused ahahah, also are you still up for it??? It's fine if you aren't I can cancel it anytime but I wanted to know if you were alright :0 !!! Sorry to bother, have a great day!!

    • You play animal jam? I saw your post on Wisteria's page about the famous jammer, and was wondering. Im 19 and play unironically (Can't wait for the new animal :0!) You should give me your un if you do play, and ill send a buddy.

    • >///u///< Thank you so so much <3

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