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User ID: #25551
Username: My-Pet-Werewolf
Gender: Female
Last Online: 15 May 2021, 4:35 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 1:05 pm

Profile description

Hello my name is Pet and welcome to my profile.
I can be pretty shy so please excuse that.

Pet is my Fursona. She is a Werewolf.
Attila and Bayou are a very lovely couple of married ladies.
Boyfriend is a flashy colored straight boy who was once owned by a friend.

Bark and Leak are in need of Paintie Tickets so they can become monsters,


DeviantArt || Toyhou.se ||GaiaOnline
I also have a Twitter but it is highly NSFW and only given out privately to trusted close people

Attila ♥ Bayou
Art by @julliarent || Profile Code by MomoShino

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    • aw man i meant to send those tickets anonymously but im glad i could help!

    • (responding to ur comment on my boy scarab) oh wow!!! r u followin my main or my furby blog??? bc my furby blog is The Goode Fubby content ghsduhs. nice to see you here as well!!!

    • Thanks for adding me!

    • Well I can't help it she's soo cute <3

    • you're welcome, enjoy! <3

    • luckily it seems like the conversion rate of FD:FC seems to be settling around 1:500, so you can buy 100FD easily for 50k!

    • oh man, thank you! you planning on getting any more characters? both of yours have such personality!

    • Thanks for cheering me up with your eggcellent puns they sure cracked my up C:

    • Hey, it is renamon426 from gaiaonline. Looks like we even joined the same town ^_^

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