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User ID: #415
Username: ImGoingSpace
Gender: Male
Last Online: 10 Feb 2021, 1:42 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:01 pm

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Hi! i'm Jon, but go by ImGoingSpace online!
Age 23, Jan 1st
Timezone: FV+6 (UK)

Tumblr: http://im.goingspace.co.uk
FlightRising: 12772
Discord: 6758
Skype: im.going.space

PM Me for CSS Help!


I write CSS for Users. Page will be changing here and there.
CSS on this Page is written by myself! take what you want, i can't stop you. (don't just copy the whole page though please!)
~A Thanks is nice however!~

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    • how did you do this amazing css?? :0 im so jealous! i cant even get my about box to work ;-;

    • Omg this is such an amazing profile CSS! How much does it cost for you to write a CSS for someone?

    • I like what you've done with your page! :) Nice use of hover transitions.

    • whhooooah nice profile... very spacey :0

    • Honestly your profile is gorgeous!! I love everything about it!

    • For me everything looks really good now! The white is totally gone and the gorgeous art underneath is visible. I'll have to log on to see if there's a difference but currently I looks grand.

      I can't wait until I figure out CSS a little better and start editing my painties pages too. X3

    • Ah ok, you could just say shes modeling? idk xP

    • Heya! wanted to ask you what exactly your furIdol characters talent is?

    • Your Dragon FurIdol Entry looks so awesome! *U*!!!
      just wanted to let you know~

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