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Username: 6480
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:00 pm

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Not LooperDooper

I'm just here to chill and make people happy. Shoot me a message if you wanna chat about Cirque du Soleil or anything else cool. My inbox is ALWAYS open if you're looking for art help.

My villagers are all hella fashionable

I like Animal Crossing (New Leaf), Don't Starve, Star Trek, the X-Men, and monkeys.

If you like my work, please check out my art blogs:
ig: @6480t --watercolor paintings
twitter: @6480n --casual drawings
Buy me a coffee!
Message me for commission details. Any custom villagers I have were drawn by me.

Feel free to chat w/ my paintied villagers

Villagers 16

Comments 35

    • Wow your painties look so well done ♡

    • Your panties are so cool looking!

    • aaa thank you, they're also named after stars ;u;/ astronomy is kind of my special interest, hahah

    • it comes from the star lacaille 9352, i liked the name lacaille so much that i use it often in games, about as often as i use the number :D

    • hey thank you, fellow number!! i like yours as well :> can i ask about your number's meaning?

    • i had another dream about an anthro pangolin in your art style

    • yes hello i love your painties they're so pretty and ethereal

    • Such beautiful painties - your art is just stunning

    • [s]read the wiki[/d]

      DM me and ill answer all your questions

    • I can teach you all I know

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