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User ID: #43969
Username: Saefall
Gender: Female
Last Online: 24 Jan 2022, 9:25 pm
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 10:56 am

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Taken by my Significant Everything Asha
Sister to the rarely active ViciouslyInvalid and KingOfHearts

Check out this freaking Amazing RPPet site shenanigans my wifey is running!~

Everything is always a WIP with me >..<'
current status: tired, dead,, and listening to these forever

I am stupidly shy, and have crippling social anxiety which I try slowly to work through to make words, but I'm not good at typical things like talking, making friends, and such, but if you start up conversations with me I'm typically friendly, and can be very nice, unless you're very very stupid and/or hateful.
I get wayy too excited about things, and often act like an idiot, for which I apologize in advance. ^..^'
I also tend to send friend requests if someone has a super great username, or seems like a cool person, but don't feel pressured to add me if you don't want to, that's cool too ^..^'
Art is one of the few things that makes me work through my issues, but sorry if I muss things up.. ^..^'

I love lots of things, including writing, RPing, and art, and have many OCs, and etc, and I currently have FD, and buy art and such.

Cool Stuff by other people:
~All my Wonderful Grifflie darlings~

~My Precious Ringebearer babies~

~My Sweet Wickerkin/nox babies~

I can also be found at these other places:
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Mostly Inactive on:

Villagers I'm looking for painties for:
-Mahja Crownni

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    • Merry Christmas!

    • ahhh you have so many villagers! jelly!! <3

    • Ahh, Ayla's my lovely bby, tho now I wish I had added some pattern to her wings, but oh well. Thank you so much!! More purple lovelies are going to be added to my village eventually. And honestly, Mirainla looks gorgeous as she is now!!

    • Your village's aesthetics please me so much. <3

    • Omg you are seriously spoiling me! I'm going to start ugly crying soon! You are too precious!

    • Omg stop! You gave me WAAAAY more then I would ever expect from anyone! You are absolutely the sweetest and every little bit helps so I couldn't be more grateful!

    • Thank you so much!!!! You're amazing <3

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