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User ID: #45389
Username: Krookodile
Gender: Female
Last Online: 12 Jun 2022, 8:32 pm
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 2:25 pm

Profile description

She/Her ♪
You can call me Krook/Krookodile♡
My Flight rising,, Tumblr and my Battlenet ID is message if you want to know it basis!✩



Wishlist for pets

Aurora Griff-379-aurora-griff.png Rosy Seedling- 620-rosy-seedling.png Galactic Echidna- 1566-galactic-echidna.png Carousel Pony-2495-carousel-shetland-pony.png Snow Sphinx-1577-snow-leopard-sphinx.png blossom pawsum 2267-blossom-pawsum.png


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Comments 99

    • It's been awhile, hope all is well

    • Hey, I hope you're doing well lately!

    • Oh nice, if Cream is still there when I get more FD I'll come by

    • Any chance you'd take FD for Cream instead?

    • Sure no problem, take your time, and awesome, that would be cool

    • I don't have a TH, maybe I need to get one finally if I ever get a code

    • Ohhh I'll gladly pay 800 FD then

    • I definitely want Fondant, unless you're only selling for USD then sadly I won't be able to buy any at all

    • Ah ok, no worries! Not looking to sell actually, just askin' since I knew you kinda liked certain dessert designs, woulda gifted it, I'll likely use it myself in the future

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