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User ID: #2184
Username: Puck
Gender: she/her
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:24 pm


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4636-aerons-fiery-kitsune.png 4791-rose-button.png

Current Beat: It Only Gets Better - WILD


Note: my villagers are undergoing some extensive revamping, but rest assure they won't be blobs forever! But until then.. they are very cute blobs! On a related note, I am interested in purchasing two 4, or 5 digit villagers. Hit me up!


Hello, and welcome to my humble little grove! My name is Puck, though I respond to Amy, and Amoo, just as readily as the first. I am a certified, competitive barista, as well as a studying paleontologist, and hope to adventure as much as I can in life.

I am a pretty simple, flowery soul. I pour lattes with love, talk with my herb garden just as much as my chickens, spend an unhealthy amount of time on Tumblr, am so directionally challenged that I get lost in parking lots, enjoy equal amounts of sculpting, carving, and general crafting, and at the root of things I love nothing more than to lounge in a breezy, sunny spot where I can weave flower crowns while the world spins on around.

I am a proud, if long suffering in some cases, mother to a year+ old sheltie/pomeranian mix named Milo, a two year+ old sharpei/english bulldog mix named Mari, six cats (Hyde, Sharknado, Gremlin, Dorian, Piksy, and Cryptid), twelve chickens (Dandelion, Orchid, Carnation, Viola, Magnolia, Hellebore, Hawthorne, Black Eyed Susan, Chrysanthemum, Lily, Tulip, and Freddy), four ducks (June Bug, Firefly, Bumblebee, and Ferdinand), and a sweet, darling fuzzy chilean rose hair tarantula named Sweetheart, all of which I co-parent alongside my star-speckled babe, Unlucky !

My mountain shaped heart is full of bovines, coffee, prehistoric life, rain, dinosaurs, earl grey, flowers, pink, cranberry Red Bull, Ghibli films, blankets, honeysuckle, pastels, satyrs, sangria, octopi, oatmeal cookies, chickens, mountains, forests, magic, tattoos, fairy lights, postcards, deer, tres leches, mythological creatures, HTTYD, clay, pigeons, color theory, gel pens, tortoises, flower crowns, mugs, Deadpool, trees, bones, clouds, pastels, Futurama, dragons, rocks, cats, prehistoric life, plants, snakes, lavender, and snack cakes.

I am a big fan of documentaries, mainly those revolving around science, and nature, but I also love me some Brooklyn 99, Fullmetal Alchemist, One Punch Man, Santa Clarita Diet, Futurama, Bob's Burgers, and Angry Beavers among other such things!

Unlucky Rikkuliam


I like ta' doodle, and some of my doodle related shenanigans can be found at the humble groves listed below!


If you are interested in getting something doodled, check out my official art shop!



css by the lovely noll

Villagers 50

Comments 163

    • No worries lovely! I'm happy to accept fc if you'd still like to buy. <3

    • Hallo! :3 Krissim didn't reply, so if you're still interested I can sell the Loch Dobhar-chu for 180FD. n_n if not just cancel the trade ♡

    • AAAAA OHMYGOSH PUCK she looks so cute eep,, thank you so much!! QwQ I'm glad you like her design too aaa <33 I'll always keep an eye out for other low-digits for ya! Thanks again <3 ;w;

    • No problem lovely! <3
      Aaa noo I'd feel bad especially considering I got them for free ;w; if you really wanna then I'd love a lil sketch or something of my lovesick gal Persephone or a lil fc/fd, but honestly I don't mind you just having them as a gift at all, especially considering you did that wonderful chibi for Imoku which I'm eternally grateful for QwQ <333

    • Hallo fren :3 I just adopted a wanderer with 5-digit ID, I think I saw you were collecting them? You can have them if you'd like! n_n

    • Alright, then (I kinda feel like an idiot rn, but I AM an idiot, so it's okay)

    • The rose button is on your wishlist?

    • You can totally put it on your toyhou.se, thank you! You can credit me on there as ForestFox

    • <333 not going to lie went overboard bc your fursona is just so cute??? And I love???
      thank you <3 I was wondering if it would be okay if I lined and colored it? If not that is okay!!! I completely understand :)

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