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User ID: #2184
Username: Puck
Gender: she/her
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:24 pm

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I am.. tryin


been a rough year, trying to be a person again. please be patient with me. i'm gonna do this..!

painfully shy, but would really love to make some friends within the furry community!


css by the lovely noll

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    • hello!!! your art is the absolute cutest <3 have a lovely day!

    • No worries! I bred an extra and I saw they were in your wishlist <3

    • It okay! I find them for free wandering at the town hall so there's no need to pay me anything. :3 ♡ don't forget to remove the gift I attached to #47745 (unless you're keeping it with her for safety)! <3

    • That drawing you posted in the post your current thought thread was super cute!

    • No worries lovely, you've already done so much and shown so much kindness and generosity toward me! ;w; ♡ enjoy!

    • Sent you a lil gift for being so awesome, fren! <3

    • I was farming for Faeli's Amulet and the Greatsword in the desert so I had spares and you've been so kind growing my chow flock ;w; plus I just adore you so


    • No worries lovely! I'm happy to accept fc if you'd still like to buy. <3

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