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User ID: #47481
Username: GlasGalahad
Last Online: 25 Jan 2021, 9:02 pm
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 7:33 pm

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    • awh thank you so much!! c'':
      i really like your profile too! it's got such a soft, wholesome vibe to it ! ♡
      kdnht i knooww aaa -- i put a link to the artist's tumblr underneath! they're super talented!!

    • Thank you for the kind comment!

    • oh wow, thank you!! It took me ages to do haha, I'm gad it paid off. xP
      (also, your shark stickers/general aesthetic is really cute)

    • Oh that's a relief to hear ;w; and yes I'd love to stay on the pinglist! I just wanted to make sure you were, overall, alright ^^; losing stuff can be terrifying!

    • Ahh it sucks to hear your hard drive crashed D: I hope you didn't lose anything too important!

    • Sharks and assassin's creed? You seem rad. B)

    • Aww, thank you!! <3
      It makes me feel right at home, haha. ^w^

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