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User ID: #49103
Username: Ragzoti
Gender: Demiboy
Last Online: 22 Feb 2019, 8:36 pm
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 12:09 am

Profile description

Hia! My name's Ragzoti but I'll also go by Ray. I accept friend requests, but if you want to be friends or we met somewhere in my shenanigans, the more the merrier!
He/Him much plz
I have chronic headaches, so I may be up VERY late on weekends, and very tired on weekdays....

I draw arts! Just look in my threads or my signature.
ok new fursona goatboi but so little art riiiip

painting for madmadame,
digital cell for chroma,

Villagers 10

Comments 83

    • Sign me up for those wips fam ❤ looks amazing so far :'D

    • O SNAP that's amazing!!?! Holy heck I love it where do you get this talent ;;

    • Alright cool! Feel free to send me your OW whenever you want.

    • !! I WANNA SEE

    • lmao yes!! the perfect name for the perfect rock
      ((and also ty i love my precious snake boy))

    • Hope your villager fells better!

    • Hey, just checking in, you still doing that music inspired characters?

      I'm mostly checking because I'm a very impulsive person and really want to spend my FDs on stuff, but I know I've already committed to this one!

    • Hope the move goes well!
      I'll definitely message you later then about ow again. XD Need more friends to play with for that +20 exp.

    • Hey, I got overwatch on the PC! Want to play sometime?

    • Ah, darn it. It seems a lot of people play PC over console.
      I've recently been maining as Zenyatta (because who doesn't love giving out daily doses of discord orbs).
      My alts would be D.va, Mercy, then Mei/Symmetra to counter the annoyingly good genji.
      What about you?

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